Friday, December 21, 2012

Thoughts in the Wake of Tragedy

Posted by Tessie San Martin - Plan International USA CEO

I imagine that most of us spent some part of the last week learning about, and being deeply saddened, by the events in Newtown, Connecticut. All acts of violence deeply wound and diminish us, but when these target young children they tear at our very soul.

Though the focus of Plan’s work is overseas, as an organization whose mission it is to raise funding and support for, awareness of, and help design and implement, programs that protect children and youth around the world, we cannot help but feel very much connected to what transpired. And events like the massacre at Sandy Hook are reminders of the importance, as well as the challenges and difficulties, of this mission.

There are many things that separate us as communities and as nations. But among the things that unite us is a shared desire to make this a better world for children, and to do all we can to protect them from violence. And while as individuals, nations and communities we have many differences of opinions about how to best address the issue of violence, I think we can all agree that it cannot be tolerated and must be eradicated, both in our nation and around the world. This is hard work that, realistically, is likely to take a long time. But I am grateful to be working with you in an organization that gives us unique opportunities to make this a reality, bit by bit.


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